Case Studies

Curious about some of the projects that have implemented our products? Please take a look and read the case studies below for a better understanding of how CITISMART Solutions can work with you to decrease operating costs, improve efficiency and minimize the impact of light pollution in your night sky.

Roadway LightingNijmegen, one of the oldest and most densely populated cities in the Netherlands, constructed a new city ring road (s100) in 2013. The road stretches from the national highway through to the heart of the city and is aimed at facilitating a better traffic flow. As Nijmegen is known for adopting smart solutions and has won several awards for being clean and green, the municipality envisioned this road to be environmentally friendly through the use of intelligent solutions. Roadway Lighting Case Study

Train StationsBuilt in 1940s, the Beilen railway station experiences only limited activity on the platforms at night. The Dutch railway operator ProRail aims to make Beilen and other stations in the Netherlands more safe and sustainable with a focus on the environment and society. In particular, ProRail intends to achieve a reduction in energy use, and the resulting CO2 emissions, of at least 30% before 2015 by applying innovative solutions such as intelligent lighting. Train Stations Case Study

Residential AreaLocated in the south of the Netherlands, Eeneind is a historic village in the municipality of Nuenen. Famous for being a home to Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, Eeneind is a scenic town with rural surroundings. While the municipality and its residents take pride in their connection to the past, they believe in modern energy efficient solutions. They benefited greatly from adaptive outdoor lighting.  Residential Area Case Study

Outdoor ParkingLocated on the outskirts of Groningen, the Park + Ride (P+R) transit hub is a large outdoor parking lot used by over 2.500 people daily. Passengers park their cars at the P+R and use public transit to enter the city. The public transit runs all day until midnight. While busy throughout the day, only about 10% of the cars stay parked through the night. To ensure public as well as vehicular safety, over 100 lamps were lit at full brightness all night. Outdoor Parking Case Study

Public PathwaysTralee is a town in the west of Ireland, famous for its annual festival, the Rose of Tralee. With a little more than 20.000 inhabitants, the medieval town is situated in the green surroundings of County Kerry, enjoying a quiet and historic feel. The county was planning to renew it’s outdoor lighting infrastructure. As a result, County Kerry requested JCL Engineering Services, a technical company to come up with a sustainable street lighting solution, while maintaining the public safety. Public Pathways Case Study