CITISMART Solutions App Smart City Sensors

IoT Sensor Data on your Smartphone

If you’re like 90% of us you probably possess one of the most amazing pieces of technology to grace a pants pocket since breath spray.

CITISMART Solutions Smart City Sensors

ArcGIS and Smart Lights

One of the problems with IoT data is presentation.

With so much real-time information flowing it is important to provide people with the tools needed to process this data. At the same time, it’s important that the consumers of this data aren’t overwhelmed by number of toolsets they require in their everyday life.

This was at the forefront of Citismart’s collective minds when we were discussing our solution. The quick and obvious answer was to provide a skin on an existing toolset that most of our clients use: ArcGIS.

So we set down to work creating an endpoint on our server that would support ArcGIS. The endpoint needed to be fast and efficient and yet provide real-time information. After hours of slogging away in the code mines we ended up with a solution that quickly queries our data store and provides the information as an ArcGIS layer.

The Citismart system serves up this smart light layer on top of whatever ArcGIS map the users wants. It has colour-coding to indicate problem areas. Information windows allow users to quickly view details on each device and generate meaningful reports.

This development allows us to add an unobtrusive layer to a preexisting toolset that our clients are already familiar with. When the data is flowing fast and furious you don’t want to spend your time learning a whole new system.